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Nothing's worse than the smell of pet urine in your carpet & upholstery. It penetrates the fibers and contaminates both the backing of the carpet and flooring material as well. If you have ever tried cleaning and removing it yourself, you know it's quite the challenge to completely clean-up & remove using standard commercial cleaning products.

Our rug cleaning process is perfect for the total removal of pet odors caused by pet urine as well as animal hair and body oils. Walsh's Chem-Dry applies a special product to affected areas that contains extracts from plants and minute amounts of natural or nonionic surfactants and pure water.

Pet Urine Can Cause Major DamagePet Urine Spreading Diagram

Often, without you knowing, pets will urinate continually in the same spot continually worsening the damage being done at an exponential rate. Pet urine will eventually eat it's way through your carpeting, flooring, from cement to wood, and ultimately spread its way into the framework & walls of your home. If neglected long enough, the damage becomes severe enough to require major restoration work, including new carpeting, to completely rid your home of that lingering smell of pet urine.

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Pet Urine Removal Treatment P.U.R.T.® by Chem-Dry

We have formulated a specialized cleaning solution called P.U.R.T.® to remove pet urine & odors. This unique treatment may well be the most significant discovery in odor removal history—at least for us pet owners. Ten years in development, P.U.R.T.® is All Natural...made from plants, spices, herbs and citrus, coupled with a fiber-protecting polymer. In other words, P.U.R.T.® is green and & completely safe for your family & pets..

How Pet Urine Removal Treatment P.U.R.T.® Works

When P.U.R.T.® reaches contact with your pet's urine, it immediately begins a chemical reaction that destroys it for good.

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  1. The source and severity of the odor are determined, and then the carpet will be rinsed and extracted with a hot-water rinse to remove the bulk of the urine crystals.
  2. In worst cases, the carpet is pulled back in the suspected areas to reveal the extent of the damage.
  3. If necessary, the pad will be removed and replaced.
  4. An odor-blocking protectant may also applied to the subfloor if the damage is severe enough.
  5. P.U.R.T.® will then be applied heavily to the tack strip, flooring, baseboards and carpet backing. It is necessary to thoroughly apply it enough to dampen all areas affected by your pet's urine for maximum effectiveness.
  6. Over the next 48 to 72 hours, the ingredients in P.U.R.T.® will oxidize the urine crystals and eliminate the odor
  7. For best results, please minimize the foot traffic around the treated areas until the carpet is dry.
  8. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

The Smell is Coming from the Carpet, Pad and Sub Floor!

During the process of our cleaning, we will need to determine the amount of urine in the carpet, the age, condition and replacement cost of carpeting so we can compare your options, and see how much are specialized pet urine removal treatment can save you.

We will ask you questions like what type of animal how many pets you have and what gender they are, how long since the first urine accident, why they are urinating in these spots, how old the carpet is and what if any prior treatments have been performed.

Locating the Urine

Here are the typical steps we take to locate and measure the extent of the urine:

  • Nose - first tool is old-fashioned, but it works. We literally get down on the carpet and sniff.
  • Moisture Meter - this tool can detect the moisture that the salts and crystals from urine will absorb and hold in the form of humidity. It can also penetrate the backing of the carpet to give us a reading in the pad.
  • Black Light - urine deposits glow under the black light.
  • Sight - some changes in color of your carpet are due to urine. Pulling the carpet away from the wall in order to expose the pad and floor is often useful, but costly.

Facts About Urine and Your Carpet

  • As soon as a pet urinates on the carpet the warm, acidic liquid immediately becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • The acidic urine begins to oxidize on the carpet fibers, creating a color change which is often permanent.
  • The urine spreads and gravitates down into the pad and sub-floor. It is important to determine where it has spread.
  • Once the urine begins to dry, the moisture evaporates and microscopic salts and crystals are formed. These salts and crystals remain in your carpet, pad and floor.
  • The crystals and salts react to the humidity in the air. Any humidity level changes cause the crystals and salts to give off a heavier urine smell. This often occurs in the summer when it is humid and in the winter when the household heat is on.
  • Urine smells last for years in carpet. In order to eliminate the odor the crystal and salt deposits must be permanently deactivated.
  • Male animals urinate around perimeters and females urinate in open areas.
  • Animals are creatures of habit and return to the same areas.
  • Determining the total amount of urine in the carpet is critical in order to ensure our procedure is effective.

Remove Pet Urine, Stains & Odor Now!

Orange CatYour pet is your best friend...but not your carpet or upholstery's. Get rid of those embarrassing urine odors once & for all. Call (415) 898-6873 now to get P.U.R.T.® and get your home smelling fresh and clean again. Thankfully, that means more guests visiting you again!